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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 33, Part 1 (New Berne)

HEADQUARTERS C. S. FORCES, Mount Jackson, January 29, 1864-7 p. m.

Major General J. A. EARLY,
Commanding Valley District:

GENERAL: I am directed by General Imboden to send you the inclosed report of Lieutenant Thompson, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry. All is quiet in the lower valley.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


NEW MARKET, VA., January 29, 1864.

General J. D. IMBODEN:

GENERAL: Ten days since a scout of 4 men, commanded by Lieutenant Bush C. Washington, Company B, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, was ordered by Brigadier-General Rosser to proceed to the counties of Jefferson, Berkeley, and Clarke, to obtain information, &c. I have the honor to report the following as the result of said scout, viz:

All Charlestown. -Artillery, for guns. Infantry: Ninety-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, 325 men, Colonel Ballier commanding. Cavalry: First New York, 400, Major Quinn commanding; Twenty-fifth [Twenty-first?] New York, 600, made up of re-enlisted two-year infantry-very fine horses; First Connecticut, six companies, 200; Sixth Michigan, two companies, 75; and Second Maryland, one company, 30.

At Halltown. -Artillery, none. Infantry, three regiments (Fifteenth [?] and One hundred and thirty-ninth Pennsylvania and a New York regiment), Sedgwick's corps.

At Harper's Ferry. -Artillery, some; amount not known. Infantry, three regiments (Thirty-fourth Massachusetts, Tenth Maryland, and First [?] Pennsylvania). Cavalry, very small force, Sedgwick's corps. Cole and Means on Loudoun side.

At Martinsburg. -Artillery, seventeen guns. Cavalry, Averell's force, supposed to be about 3,000, and Fifth [?] Maryland, 400. Infantry, 6,000. A re-enforcement of five regiments arrived last Friday, which goes to make up the 6,000.

Lieutenant Washington was taken sick Wednesday night and had to be left in Clarke County. He ordered me to report information gained. Our horses are completely broken down, rendering it almost impossible to report in person. If you desire particular information as to the position of pickets, &c., I will be found at the camp of the Twelfth Virginia Cavalry. It is on my own responsibility that I have reported to you. I thought it best to inform you of the position of affairs.

Respectfully, &c.,


Company B, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry.


General R. E. LEE,

Commanding Army of Northern Va., Orange Court-House:

GENERAL: Your letter of the 21st instant is received. I am informed by persons who ought to know that there is a large stock of

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 33, Part 1 (New Berne)
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