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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 2 (Antietam)


Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: In answer to the dispatch of General Cooper and to your letter of 26th instant, I have the honor to state, for the information of the President, that General Longstreet's corps is composed of five division.

1st. McLaws' division of five brigades: Drayton's, Evans', Cobb's, Kershaw's, and Semmes'.

2d. R. H. Anderson's division of five brigades; Wilcox's, Mahone's, Wright's, Featherston's, and Barksdale's.

3d. Pickett's division of five brigades: Pryor's, Armistead's, Kemper's, Jenkins', and Pickett's.

4th. Hood's division of four brigades: D. R. Jones', Toombs', Whitings', and Hood's.

5th. Walker's division of two brigades: Walker's and Ransom's.

1st. The organizations of McLaws' division is complete, the brigade commanders all present except Brigadier General Howell Cobb, who is absent on duty, and will soon return.

2d. In Anderson's division, Major General R. H. Anderson is absent wounded, but is expected soon to return to duty. Wilcox is in command of the division; Mahone and Wright are absent, wounded; Featherston absent, sick; Garnett commands Mahone's brigade; Wright is expected soon to return, and Colonel Posey is recommended for promotion, to command Featherstop's brigade.

3d. Brigadier General G. E. Pickett is recommended to be promoted major-general, to command the Third (Picket's) Division, and Colonel M. D. Corse is recommended to be promoted brigadier-general, to command Picket's brigade. The other brigade commanders are present, except Jenkins, who is expected soon to return.

4th. Brigadier General J. B. Hood is recommended to be promoted major-general, to command Hood's division, and Colonel J.b. Robertson, Fifth Texas, is recommended to be promoted brigadier-general, to command Hood's brigade. Colonel G. T. Anderson, who has been in command of D. R. Jones' brigade, is recommended to be promoted to its command. Colonel E. M. Law, who has been promoted brigadier-general, is in command of Whiting's brigade, and, should it be deemed expedient to supply the place of Brigadier General R. Toombs, absent, wounded, I recommend Colonel T. R. R. Cobb to be promoted to the command of his brigade.

5th. I recommend Colonel J. R. Cooke to be promoted to command Walker's brigade, General Walker commanding the division.

The above promotions will, if made, complete the organization of General Longstreet's corps.

General Jackson's corps is composed of four divisions.

1st. Major General T. J. Jackson's division, four brigades: Winder's, J. R. Jones', Taliaferro's, and Nicholls'.

2d. Major General R. S. Ewell's division, four brigades; Elzey's, Trimble's, Lawton's, and Hays'.

3d. Major [General] D. H. Hill's division, five brigades: Rodes', Ripley's, G. B. Anderson's, Rains', and Garland's.

4th. Major General A. P. Hill's division, six brigades: Archer's, Pender's, Gregg's, Branch's, Field's, and J. R. Anderson's.

1st. Brigadier General I. R. Trimble (absent wounded) is recommended to be promoted major-general, to command Jackson's division. Major E. F. Paxton is recommended to be promoted brigadier-general, to command

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 2 (Antietam)
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