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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 2 (Antietam)

fair in war. We are in great need of ambulance wagons; could it be possible to furnish the army with about 50 more? While in Maryland we were unable to procure medical supplies to any amount. I received your communication relative to purchasing such articles as we need if opportunity should offer, and will have your orders executed. Up to this time but few reports of sick and wounded have been sent in, the surgeons being unable to make them out, owing to the continued march to which the army has been subjected since leaving Richmond, and their time being also much occupied in caring for the wounded in the late battles. There are about 5,000 sick and wounded still at Winchester, who are being removed to Staunton in ambulance wagons that should be with the marching army. I am greatly obliged to you for relieving me from the care and responsibility of hospitals left in the rear of the army. I sincerely hope that Medical Director Williams, or some competent under him, will be ordered to Winchester to superintend the removal of these disabled soldiers, their position being an unsafe one in the event of a movement of the army. If our army leaves here, they may be paroled by the enemy's cavalry.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon and Medical Director Army of Northern Virginia.

Abstract from field return of the Army of Northern Virginia for October 10, 1862.

Command. Officers. Enlisted Aggregate Aggregate

men. present. present





General staff 15 --- 15 15

Anderson's 540 7,261 10,264 20,250


McLaws' division 504 6,629 8,703 16,049

Pickett's division 302 3,059 4,194 10,317

Hood's division 433 5,326 7,064 13,475

Walker's division 238 3,756 4,886 8,202

Evans' brigade 79 1,165 1,481 3,514

Lee's and Walton's 35 738 832 1,107

battalions of


Total 2,146 27,934 37,439 72,929

Jackson's corps:

Jackson's division 347 4,163 5,561 13,211

Ewell's division 510 6,094 7,965 16,827

D. H. Hill's 482 6,901 8,883 18,749


A. P. Hill's 565 8,134 10,596 21,302


Brown's battalion 13 311 355 545

of artillery

Total 1,917 25,603 33,360 70,634

Cavalry division 423 5,338 6,378 10,298

Reserve Artillery 54 858 1,027 1,027

Grand total 4,540 59,733 78,204 154,888

[Note on original return.]

Effective total October 10, exclusive of cavalry.......... 54,395

Effective total September 30, cavalry not reported........ 43,933


Increase.................................................. 5,462



Aggregate present October 10, exclusive of cavalry........ 71,826

Aggregate present September 30, exclusive of cavalry...... 62,713


Increase.................................................. 9,113

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 2 (Antietam)
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