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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 2 (Peninsular Campaign)

Rutherford, Third Regiment South Carolina Volunteers; Colonel Aiken and Lieutenant-Colonel Bland, Seventh Regiment South Carolina Volunteers; Major McLeod; Captain D. M. H. Langston, Third Regiment South Carolina Volunteers; Lieutenant H. C. Johnston, Third Regiment Alabama Volunteers, acting voluntarily; Adjutant Childs and Sergeant-Major Stallworth, Seventh Regiment South Carolina Volunteers; Sergeant Harley, color-bearer, Second Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, and Corporal Blakely, Third Regiment South Carolina Volunteers.

Brigadier-General Semmes' brigade.

Staff.-Captain Clemons, assistant adjutant-general; Captains Briggs and E. J. Costin, aides-de-camp; Lieutenants Cody and Redd, volunteer aides-de-camp; Surgeon Gilmore; Major Nelson, and Lieutenant Paul Hamilton, assistant adjutant-general to Lieutenant-Colonel Lee.


Staff.-Captain Latrobe, acting adjutant and inspector general; Captain Ford, aide-de-camp; Messrs. Thurston and Jones, volunteer aides-de-camp; Major Garnett, chief of artillery; Captain De Laigle, quartermaster; Major Haskell, commissary; Surgeon Barksdale, and Lieutenant Campbell, engineer department.

Brigadier-General Toombs' brigade.

Staff.-Captain Du Bose, assistant adjutant-general, and Captain Troup, aide-de-camp.

Lieutenant Cockrell, Ninth Georgia Regiment.

Colonel Anderson's brigade.

Staff.-Messrs. T. G. Jackson, of Virginia, and Charles Daniel, of Georgia, volunteer aides-de-camp.

Lieutenant C. C. Hardwick, Eighth Georgia Volunteers; Sergt. W. J. Garrett, Company M, and Corpl. J. C. Camp, First Georgia Regulars; Private W. L. Morehead, Company I, Seventh Georgia Volunteers, and Private D. E. Humphreys, Company C, Eleventh Georgia Volunteers.

[Inclosure Numbers 13.]

RICHMOND, VA., August 4, 1862.

In reply to inquiries as to whether I saw Major General J. B. Magruder during the battle of Malvern Hill (July 1) and what I noticed of his deportment, &c., on that occasion, I have to say-

I saw him in the immediate vicinity of the engagement about the time of its opening and spoke to him. Noticed nothing unusual in his manner or deportment, except the expression of anxiety in the bringing up and disposition of some troops just then going into the fight. His manner seemed to me deliberate and earnest. I saw him again after the lapse of a couple of hours. His manner betrayed to me on excitement or want of self-possession beyond the ordinary excitement of the battle-field. I saw no disposition on his part to screen himself from the enemy's fire. On the contrary, heard remarks about his fearlessness.

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 2 (Peninsular Campaign)
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