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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 5, Part 1 (West Virginia)
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August 1, 1861-March 17, 1862.


August 1, 1861.-General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding in.

West Virginia.+

5, 1861.-Skirmish in Virginia, opposite Point of Rocks, Md.

8, 1861.-Skirmish at Lovettsville, Va.

11, 1861.-Brigadier General John B. Floyd, C. S. Army, assumes command in the Kanawha Valley, W. Va.

13, 1861.-Skirmish near Grafton, W. Va.

17, 1861.-The Departments of Northeastern Virginia, of.

Washington, and of the Shenandoah merged into the Department of the Potomac.++

18, 1861.-Scout to Accotink and skirmish at Pohick Church, Va.

Skirmish at Sandy Hook, Md.

20, 1861.-Major General George B. McClellan, U. S. Army, assumes

command of the Department, or Army, of the Potomac.

Skirmish at the Hawk's Nest, W. Va.

Skirmish at Laurel Fork Creek, W. Va.

23, 1861.-Engagement of the U. S. steamers Yankee and Release with the batteries at the mouth of Potomac Creek, Va.

Skirmish at Springfield, W. Va.

24, 1861.-The Department of Pennsylvania absorbed in the.

Department of the Potomac.@

25, 1861.-Skirmish near Piggot's Mill (Big Run?), W. Va.

Scout into Virginia From Great Falls, Md.

26, 1861.-Action at Cross-Lanes, near Sumersville, W. Va.

Skirmish at Blue's House, W. Va.

26-27, 1861.-Skirmishes at Wayne Court-House, W. Va.

27, 1861.-Skirmish at Antietam Iron Works, Md.

27-28, 1861.-Skirmishes at Ball's Cross-Roads, Va.


*Of some of the minor conflicts noted in this "Summary" no circumstantial reports are on file, the only record of such events being references to them on muster rolls or returns.

+Neither the date when General Lee assumed command in "Western Virginia" nor the nature of that command is shown by the records; but see Davis to Johnston, August 1, 1861, in the "Correspondence, etc.," post.

++Better known as the Army of the Potomac.

@Date taken from memorandum in A. G. O. See Dix to Williams, November 19, 1861, in "Correspondence, etc.," post.



Page 1 (Untitled)
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 5, Part 1 (West Virginia)
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