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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 4, Part 1 (Operations in the South and West)
Page 1(Official Records Volume 4)



June 11, 1861-February 1, 1862.


June 11, 1861.-Colonel E. R. S. Canby, Nineteenth U. S. Infantry, placed in general charge of affairs in the Department of New Mexico.*

July 3, 1861.-New Mexico embraced in the Western Department.+ Fort McLane, N. Mex., abandoned.

8, 1861.-Brigadier General Henry H. Sibley, C. s. Army, ordered to Texas to expel Union forces from New Mexico.

10, 1861.-Fort Breckinridge, N. Mex., abandoned.

23, 1861.-Fort Buchanan, N. Mex., abandoned.

25, 1861.-Skirmish at Mesilla, N. Mex.

26, 1861.-Fort Fillmore, N. Mex., abandoned.

27, 1861.-Surrender of Union forces at San Augustine Springs, N. Mex.

August 2, 1861.-Fort Stanton, N. Mex., abandoned.

14, 1861.-Brigadier General Earl Van Dorn relieved from, and Brigadier General Paul O. Hebert assigned to, command of Confederate forces in Texas.

23, 1861.-Skirmisher near Fort Craig, N. Mex.

25.-Sept. 8, 1861.-Operations against Indians about Fort Stanton, N. Mex.

-, 1861.-Skirmish with Indians near Fort Bliss, Tex.

Sept. 4, 1861.-Brigadier General Earl Van Dorn, C. S. Army, transfers command of the Department of Texas to Colonel H. E. McCulloch, First Texas Rifles.

18, 1861.-Brigadier General Paul O. Hebert,. C. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of Texas.

25, 1861.-Skirmish at Canada Alamosa, N. Mex.

26, 1861.-Skirmish near Fort Thorn, N. Mex.

Oct. 11-16, 1861.-Operations against Indians from Camp Robledo, N. Mex.

Nov. 1, 1861.-Skirmish with Indians on the Peosi River, Tex.

8, 1861.-Capture of the Royal Yacht in bolivar Channel, Texas.

9, 1861.-The Department of New Mexico re-established under Colonel Canby, U. S. Army.+

December 14, 1861.-Brigadier General H. H. Sibley, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Upper Rio Grande and in New Mexico and Arizona.


*See Vol. I of this series, p. 606.

+See order constituting that department, General Fremont's order assuming command, and order re-establishing, in vol. III of this series, pp. 390, 406, 567.



Page 1(Official Records Volume 4)
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 4, Part 1 (Operations in the South and West)
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