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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 3, Part 1 (Wilson's Creek Campaign)
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May 10-November 19, 1861.


May 10, 1861.-Capture of Camp Jackson, near Saint Louis, Mo.

11, 1861.-Riot in Saint Louis, Mo.

Brigadier General William S. Harney, U. S. Army, resumes command of the Department of the West.#

13, 1861.-Brigadier General Ben. McCulloch, C. S. Army, assigned to command in the Indian Territory.

15, 1861.-Expedition from Saint Louis to Potosi, Mo.

21, 1861.-Convention between General Harney and Major General Sterling Price, Missouri State Guard.

31, 1861.-Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, U. S. Army, supersedes General Harney.

June 6, 1861.-Missouri transferred to the Department of the Ohio, commanded by Major General George B. McClellan, U. S. Army.

17, 1861.-Engagement at Booneville, Mo.

24, 1861.-Skirmish at Jackson, Mo.

July 3, 1861.-The Western Department constituted.

4, 1861.-Skirmish at Farmington, Mo.

5, 1861.-Engagement near Carthage, Mo., embracing actions at Dry Fork Creek and brier Fork.

Capture of Union troops at Neosho, Mo.

9-11, 1861.-Skirmish at and near Montroe Station, Mo.

15, 1861.-Skirmish at Mexico, Mo.

Military forces, stores, &c., of Arkansas transferred to the Confederate States.

15-17, 1861.-Skirmish at Wentzville, Mo.

17, 1861.-Skirmish at Fulton, Mo.

17-19, 1861.-Skirmish at Parkersville, Mo.

18, 1861.-Action near Harrisonville, Mo.

Skirmish at Martinsburg, Mo.

20-25, 1861.-Expedition from Springfield to Forsyth, Mo.

22, 1861.-Skirmish at Forsyth, MO.

Skirmish at Etna, Mo.

Brigadier General William J. Hardee, C. S. Army, assumes command in Northwestern Arkansas.


*And including some events in Kentucky, west of the Tennessee River, immediately connected with the operations in Missouri.


+Some of the minor conflicts noted in this summary, no circumstantial reports are on file, the only record of such events being references thereto on muster rolls or returns.

#He had relinquished command April 23, pursuant to orders of April 21 (p. 669, Vol. I, of this series), and Captain Nathaniel Lyon, Second U. S. Infantry, seems to have exercised command during General Harney's absence.


Page 1 (Untitled)
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 3, Part 1 (Wilson's Creek Campaign)
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