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Page 285(US Marine Officers in Billets in South Vietnam, US)

Appendix C

U.S. Marine Officers Serving in Billets

in South Vietnam and US SAG, Thailand


(Billets in Vietnam (other than Marine Security Guard Battalion)

Chief, Plans and Liaison Branch, Operations and Plans Division, DAO
Col William B. Fleming Mar-Apr73
Col Nicholas M. Trapnell, Jr. Apr73-Apr74
Col Paul L. Siegmund Apr74- Feb75
Col Eugene R. Howard, Jr. Jan75-Apr75
Chief, VNMC Logistics Support Branch, Navy Division. DAO
LtCol Walter D. Fillmore Mar-Jun73
I.tCol George E. Strickland Jun73-Jun74
LtCol Anthony Lukeman Jun74-Apr75
Operations Staff Officer, Readiness Section, Operations and Train-
ing Branch, Operations and Plans Division, DAO
Maj Richard F. Johnson Mar73-Apr73
Maj Joseph F. Nardo Apr73-Jul73
LtCol Charles A. Barscow Jul73-Jul74
LtCol William E. McKinstry Jul74-Apr75
Liaison Officer, Four Power Joint Military Commission, RVN
Maj Larry D. Richards Mar73-May74
Maj Jaime Sabater, Jr. May74-Apr75
Operations Officer (Forward, RVN), Joint Casualty Resolution Center
Capt James M. Srrickland Aug73-Aug74
Capt Anthony A. Wood Aug74-Apr75

Billets in USSAG, Thailand (Nakhon Phanom)

Chief of Operations and Plans Division
Col George T. Balzer Mar73-Jun73
Col Edward J. Bronars* Jun73-Jun74
Director, Surface Operations
Col James P. Connolly II Jun74-May75
Plans Action Officer
Maj John J. Catty Mar73-May73
Maj Horace W. Baker May73-Apr74
Maj Edward A. Grimm Apr74-Apr75
Inspector, USSAG/Seventh Air Force
Col Melvin J. Steinberg Jun74-May75

Operations Officer, Joint Casualty Resolution Center, Nakhon Phanom and Utapao (the Center moved to Samae San, just outside Urapao, in late 1974)

LtCol Charles Ward Jun74-Jun75

*With Colonel Bronars' departure, USSAG discontinued the practice of making the senior Marine Corps officer the Chief, Operations and Plans Division, regardless of the seniority of the other members of the joint staff. Colonel Bronars' replacement, Colonel Connolly, was assigned to the Combat Operations Center.

Page 285(US Marine Officers in Billets in South Vietnam, US)

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