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Battles & Leaders of the Civil War

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TWENTY-FOURTH ARMY CORPS, Maj.-Gen, E. O. C. Ord (on leave), Brig.-Gen. Alfred H. Terry.

Headquarters Guard: 8th Conn., Col. John E. Ward.
Provost Guard and Orderlies : F and K, 4th Mass. Cav.

(detachments), Capt. Joseph J. Baker.

First Division, Brig.-Gen. Robert S. Foster.

First Brigade, Col. Thomas O. Osborn : 39th Ill., Capt. Homer A. Plympton ; 62d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Henry R. West ; 67th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Henry S. Commager ; 199th Pa., Col. James C. Briscoe. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph R. Hawley : 6th Conn., Col. Alfred P. Rockwellpt. Henry B. Gill; 3d N. H., Capt. William H. Trickey ; 7th N. H., Col. Joseph C. Abbott ; 1st N. Y. Heavy Art'y (6 co's), Maj. Frederick W. Prince.

Third Brigade, Col. Harris M. Plaisted: 10th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Edwin S. Greely ; 11th Me., Lieut.-Col. Jonathan A. Hill; 24th Mass., Maj. Albert Ordway; 100th N. Y., Col. George B. Dandy ; 206th Pa., Col. Hugh J. Brady. Fourth Brigade, Col. James Jourdan : 8th Me ., Lieut.-Col. William M. McArthur ; 89th N. Y., Col. Harrison S. Fairchild; 148th N. Y., Col. John B. Murray; 158th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William H. McNary; 55th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George H. Hill.

Second Division Brig.-Gen. Adelbert Ames.

First Brigade, Col. N. Martin Curtis: 3d N. Y., Capt. George W. Warren; 112th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John F. Smith; 117th N. Y., Col. Rufus Daggett; 142d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Albert M. Barney . Second Brigade, Col. Galuslia Pennypacker: 47th N. Y., Capt. Joseph M. McDonald ; 48th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William B. Coan ; 76th Pa., Col. John S. Littell; 97th Pa., Lieut. John Wainwright ; 203d Pa., Col. John W. Moore. Third Brigade, Col. Louis Bell : 13th Ind. (5 co's), Capt. Samuel M. Zent; 9th Me., Col. G. Frederick Granger ; 4th N. H., Capt. John H. Roberts; 115th N. Y., Maj. Ezra L. Walrath; 169th N. Y., Col. Alonzo Alden.

Third Division Brig.-Gen. Charles Devens, Jr.

First Brigade, Lieut.-Col. John B. Raulston : 11th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Randall H. Rice ; 13th N. H., Lieut.Col. Normand Smith; 81st N. Y., Capt. Edward A. Stimson; 98th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William Kreutzer; 139th N. Y., Capt. Theodore Miller ; 19th Wis., Maj. Samuel K. Vaughan. Second Brigade, Col. Joseph H. Potter: 5th Md., Lieut.-Col. William W. Bamberger; 10th N. H., Lieut.-Col. John Coughlin ; 2th N. H., Lieut.-Col. Thomas E. Barker ; 96th N. Y., Col. Edgar M. Cullen ; 118th N. Y., Maj. John S. Cunningham; 9th Vt., Col. Edward H. Ripley. Third Brigade, Col. Guy V. Henry : 21st Conn., Lieut.-Col. James F. Brown ; 40th Mass., Capt. John Pollack ; 2d N. H., Maj. John D. Cooper ; 58th Pa., Maj. Robert h Pa., Maj. Francis H. Reichard.

FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION ,(1) (Army Of West Virginia), Col. Thomas M. Harris.

First Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Thomas F. Wiles : 34th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Andrew Potter; 116th Ohio, Capt. Wilbert B. Teters ; 123d Ohio, Maj. Horace Kellogg. Second Brigade, Col. William B. Curtis : 23d Ill. (5 co's), Capt. Martin Wallace ; 54th Pa., Capt. Franklin B. Long ; 12th W. Va., Maj. Richard H. Brown. Third Brigade, Col. Milton Wells: 10th W. Va., Lieut.-Col. Moses S. Hall; 11th W. Va., Capt. Dixon R. King ; 15th W. Va., Lieut.-Col. John W. Holliday.

ARTILLERY BRIGADE, Maj. Charles C. Abell : E, 3d N. Y., Capt. George E. Ashby; H, 3d N. Y., Capt. William J. Riggs ; K, 3d N. Y., Capt. James R. Angel ; M, 3d N. Y., Capt. John H. Howell; 7th N. Y., Lieut. Martin V. McIntyre; 16th N. Y., Capt. Richard H. Lee; 17th N. Y., Lieut. Hiram D. Smith; A, 1st Pa., Capt. William Stitt; F, 1st R. I., Lieut. Robert B. Smith; L, 4th U. S., Lieut. Richard Wilson; A, 5th U. S., Lieut. Charles P. Muhlenberg; F, .5th U. S., Lieut. Leonard Martin.

TWENTY-FIFTH ARMY CORPS, (2) Maj.-Gen. Godfrey Weitzel.

Provost Guard : E and H, 4th Mass. Cav ., Maj. Atherton H. Stevens, Jr.

FIRST Division, Brig.-Gen. Charles J. Paine.

First Brigade, Col. Delevan Bates : 1st U. S., Lieut.Col. Giles H. Rich ; 27th U. S., Col. Albert M. Blackman , 30th U. S., Col. Hiram A. Oakman. Second Brigade, Col. John W. Ames : 4th U. S., Lieut.-Col. George Rogers ; 6th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Clark E. Royce; 39th U. S., Col. Ozora P. Stearns. Third Brigade, Col. Elias Wright : 5th U. S., Col. Giles W. Shurtleff; 10th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Edward H. Powell; 37th U. S., Col. Nathan Goff, Jr. ; 107th U. S., Lieut.-Col. David M. Sells.

SECOND Division, Brig.-Gen. William Birney.

First Brigade, Col. Charles S. Russell: 7th U. S., Col. James Shaw, Jr. ; 109th U. S., Col. Orion A. Bartholomew; 116th U. S., Col. William IV. Woodward; 117th U. S., Col. Lewis G. Brown. Second Brigade, Col. Ulysses Doubleday: 8th U. S., Col. Samuel C. Armstrong; 45th U. S., (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. Edelmiro Mayer; 127th U. S., Lieut.Col. James Given. Third Brigade, Col. Henry C. Ward: 28th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Thomas II. Logan; 29th U. S., Maj. T. Jeff. Brown ; 311st U. S., Maj. Thomas Wright.

THIRD DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. Edward A. Wild.

First Brigade, Col. Alonzo G. Draper : 22d U. S., Lieut: Col. Ira C. Terry ; 36th U. S., Maj. William H. Hart ; 38th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Dexter E. Clapp; 118th U. S., Col. John C. Moon. Second Brigade, Col. Edward Martindale : 29th Conn., Col. William B. Wooster ; 9th U. S., Lieut.-Col. David Torrence; 41st U. S., Col. Llewellyn F. Haskell. Third Brigade, Brig. Gen. Henry G. Thomas : 19th U. S., Lieut.-Col. Joseph G. Perkins ; 23d U. S., Lieut.-Col. Marshall L. Dempey; 43d U. S., Col. Stephen B. Yeoman.

Unassigned : 2d U. S. Colored Cavalry (dismounted), Capt. Edward P. Wilson.
Artillery Brigade, Lieut: Col. Richard H. Jackson : ist Conn., Capt. James B. Clinton; 4th N. J. (or D, 1st N. J.), Capt. Charles R. Doane; 5th N. J. (or E, 1st N. J.), Lieut. Henry H. Metcalf; detachment 16th N. Y. Heavy, Lieut. Silas J. Truax; E, 1st Pa., Capt. Henry Y. Wildey ; C, 3d R. I., Capt. Martin S. James ; D, 1st U. S., Lieut. Redmond Tully-; M, 1st U. S., Capt. Loomis L. Langdon ; E, 3d U. S., Lieut. John R. Myrick ; D, 4th U. S., Capt. Frederick M. Follett.

CAVALRY DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. August V. Kautz.

First Brigade, Col. Robert M. W est : 20th N. Y., Col. Newton B. Lord; 5th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Christopher Kleinz.

Second Brigade, Col. Samuel P. Spear : 1st D. C. (4 co's), Maj. J. Stannard Baker; 11th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Franklin A. Stratton. Third Brigade, Col. Andrew W . Evans : 1st Md., Lieut.-Col. Jacob H. Counselman; 1st N. Y. M't'd Rifles, Col. Edwin V. Sumner. Artillery : 4th Wis., Capt. Dorman L. Noggle; B, 1st U. S., Lieut. Theodore K. Gibbs.


First Brigade, Col. William Heine : 41st N. Y. (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. Detleo vou Einsiedel; 103d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Andrew Wettstein ; 104th Pa. (5 co's), Capt. Theophilus Kephart. Second Brigade, Lieut.-Col. G. De Peyster Arden : 6th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Maj. George C. Kibbe ; 10th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Maj. James B. Campbell. Provisional Brigade, Col. William M. McClure : detachment C, 13th N. H., Lieut. Royal B. Prescott; 2d Pa. Heavy Art'y (batt'n), Capt. Nicholas Baggs. ,Siege Artillery: A and H, 13t. William Prendell ; E and G, 3d Pa. Heavy, Capt. Samuel Hazard, Jr. ; M, 3d Pa. Heavy, Capt. Frederick Korte. Pontoniers: I, 3d Mass. Heavy Art'y, Lieut. Oliver J. Bixby.

SEPARATE BRIGADE, Col. Wardwell G. Robinson.

Fort Pocahontas, Maj. William H. Tantum : 38th N. J. (4 co's), Maj. William H. Tantum ; 16th N. Y. Heavy Art'y (2 co's), Capt. Henry C. Thompson ; 33d N.Y. Batt'y, Capt. Alger M. Wheeler; detachment 1st U. S. Col'd Cav., Capt. David Vandevort. Harrison's Landing, Lieut.-Col. William P. McKinley: detachment 4th Mass. Cav., Lieut. Thomas Miles; 184th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. W. P. McKinley; detachment 3d Pa. Heavy Art'y, Lieut. Frederick Grill.

Fort Powhatan, Col. William J. Sewell: 38th N. J. (6 co's) Lieut.-Col. Ashbel W. Angel; detachment 3d Pa.

Heavy Art'y; E, 1st U. S. Col'd Cav., Capt. Charles W. Emerson.

(1) Temporarily attached to Twenty-fourth Corps.

(2) All the infantry were colored troops.

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