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Battles & Leaders of the Civil War

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THE UNION ARMY.-Lieutenant-General Ulysses S. Grant.

Escort : B, F, and K, 5th U. S. Cav., Capt. Julius W. Mason ; 4th U. S. Inf., Capt. Avery B. Cain.

ARMY OF THE POTOMAC.-Maj.-Gen. George G. Meade (on leave); Maj.-Gen. John G. Parke.

Provost Guard, Brig: Gen. Marsena R. Patrick: 8th Del. (3 co's), Capt. Robert I. Holt ; K, 1st Ind. Cav., Lieut. William O. Hedrick ; C aud D, 1st Mass. Cav., Capt. Edward A. Flint ; 80th N. Y. (20th militia), Lieut.Col. John McEntee; 3d Pa. Cav. (8 co's), Lieut.-Col. James W . Walsh; 68th Pa., Col. Andrew H. Tippin ; 114th Pa., Col. Charles H. T. Collis.

' Engineer Brigade and Defenses of City Point, Brig.Gen. Henry W. Benham : 1st Me. sharp-shooters (2 co's), Capt. George R. Abbott ; 61st Mass. (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. Charles F. Walcott; Hall's Batt'n Mich. Sharp-shooters (2 co's), Capt. Nathaniel P. Watson; 18th N. H. (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. Joseph M. Clough; 15th N. I'. Engr's, Col. Wesley Brainerd ; 50th N. I'. Engr's, Col. William H. Pettes. Battalion U. S. Engineers, Maj. Franklin Harwood. Guards and Orderlies: Oneida (N. Y.) Cav., Lieut. Frank Vane.

ARTILLERY, Brig.-Gen. Henry J. Hunt (chief of artillery).

Siege Artillery, Col. Henry L. Abbot : 1st Conn. Heavy (5 co's), Maj. George B. Cook; 1st Conn. Heavy (7 co's), Maj. Albert F. Brooker; 3d Conn. Battery, Capt. Thomas S. Gilbert. ArtillerR. Mayo : 14th Mass., Capt. Joseph W. B. Wright ; 2d Me., Capt.Albert F. Thomas ; 3d Me., Capt. Ezekiel R. Mayo ; F, 15th N. Y. Heavy, Capt. Calvin Schaffer; H, 1st R. I., Capt. Crawford Allen, Jr. ; 3d Vt., Capt. Romeo H. Start.

SECOND ARMY Corps, Maj.-Gen. Andrew A. Humphrey s.

FIRST DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. Nelson A. Miles.

First Brigade, Col. George N. Macy : 26th Mich., Maj. Nathan Church; 5th N. H., Lieut.-Col. Welcome A. Crafts; 2d N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Lieut.-Col. George Hogg ; 61st N. Y., Col. George W. Scott; 81st Pa., Lieut.-Col. William Wilson ; 140th Pa., Capt. William A. F. Stockton ; 183d Pa., Col. George T. Egbert. Second Brigade, Col. Robert Nugent : 28th Mass. (5 co's), Capt. John Connor; 7th N.Y. Heavy Art'y, Maj. Samuel L. Anable ; 63d N. Y. (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. John H. Gleason; 69th N. Y., Maj. Richard Moroney ; 88th N. Y. (5 co's), Lieut.-Col. Denis F. Burke. Third Brigade, Col. Clinton D. MacDougall : 7th N. Y., Col. George W. von Schack; 39th N. Y., Capt. David A. Allen ; 52d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Henry M. Karples ; 111th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Lewis W. Husk ; 125th N. Y ., Lieut.-Col. Joseph Hyde ; 126th N. Y. (5 c.o.'s), Capt. John B. Geddis. Fourth Brigade, Col. William Glenny: 4th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Maj. Frank Williams ; 64th N. Y. (6 co's), Capt. Victor D. Renwick; 66th N. Y., Capt. Nathaniel P. Lane ; 53d Pa., Lieut.-Col. George C. Anderson ; 116th Pa., Capt. David W. Megraw ; 145th Pa., Capt. Peter W. Free; 148th Pa., Capt. James F. Weaver.

SECOND DIVISION, Maj.-Gen. John Gibbon (on leave), Brig.-Gen. Thomas A. Smyth.

Provost Guard : 2d Co. Minn. sharp-shooters, Capt. Mahlon Black.

First Brigade, Col. James M. Willett : 19th Me., Col. Isaac W. Starbird; 19th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Edmund Rice; 20th Mass., Maj. John Kelliher; 7th Mich., Lieut. Col. George W. La Point; 1st Minn. (2 co's>, Capt. James C. Farwell ; 59th N. Y., Col. William A. Olmsted ; 152d N. Y., Capt. Charles H. Dygert ; 184th Pa., Maj. George L. Ritman ; 36th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Clement E. Warner. Second Brigade Col. Mathew Murphy: 8th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Maj. Joel B. Baker; 155th N. I'., Capt. Michael Doheny ; 164th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William DeLacy; 170th N. Y., Col. James P. McIvor ; 182d N. Y. (69th N. Y. N. G. A.), Capt. Michael McGuire. Third Brigade, Lieut.Col. Francis E. Pierce: 14th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Samuel A. Moore ; ist Del., Lieut.-Col. Daniel Woodall ; 12th N. J., Capt. Henry F. Chew ; 10th N. Y. (batt'n), Capt. Joseph La Fuira ; 108th N. Y., Capt. William H. Andrews; 4th Ohio (batt'n), Lieut.-Col. Charles C. Calahan; 69th Pa., Maj. Patrick S. Tinen; 106th Pa. (batt'n). Capt. John H. Gallager; 7th W. Va., Lieut.-Col. Isaac B. Fisher.

THIRD DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. Gershom Mott.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. P. Regis de Trobriand: 20th Ind., Maj. William Orr; 1st Me. Heavy Art'y, Col. Russell B. shepherd; 17th Me., Capt. William Hobson; 40th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Madison M. Cannon ; 73d N. Y., Lieut.Col. Michael W. Burns; 86th N. I'., Lieut.-Col. Nathan H. Vincent; 124th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Weygant ; 99th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Peter Fritz, Jr. ; 110th Pa,, Capt. William Stewart ; 2d U. s. Sharp-shooters, Maj. James E. Doughty. Second Brigade, Brig.Gen. Byron R. Pierce: 1st Mass. Heavy Art'y, Maj. Nathaniel Chatswell; 5th Mich., Col. John Pulford ; 93d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Benjamin C. Butler; 57th Pa., Lieut.Col. Lorenzo D. Bumpus ; 84th Pa. (4 co's), Capt. Samuel Bryan; 105th Pa., Capt. James Miller; 141st Pa., Col. Henry J. Madill ; 1st LT. s. sharp-shooters (2 co's), Capt. Benjamin M. Peck. Third Brigade, Col. John Ramsey: 11th Mass. (batt'n), Lieut.-Col. Charles C. Rivers ; 7th N. I. (batt'n), Col. Francis Price ; 8th N. J. (batt'n), Capt. Louis M. Morris ; 11th N. J., Lieut.-Col. John Schoonover ; 120th N. Y., Maj. Abram L. Lockwood.

ARTILLERY BRIGADE, Maj. John G. Hazard : 6th Me., Lieut. William H. Rogers ; 10th Mass., Capt. J. Henry sleeper ; M, ist N. H., Capt. Frederick M. Edgell ; 2d N. J. (or B, 1st N. J.), Capt. A. Judson Clark; 3d N. J. (or C, ist N. J.), Capt. Christian Woerner; G, 1st N. Y., Capt.llan; C, 4th N. Y. Heavy, Capt. James H. Wood; L, 4th N. Y. Heavy, Lieut. Richard Kennedy ; 11th N. Y., Lieut. George W. Davey ; 12th N. Y., Lieut. William s. Bull; F, 1st Pa., Lieut. John F. Campbell ; B, 1st R. I., Capt. T. Fred. Brown ; K, 4th U.S., Lieut. John W. Roder ; C and I, 5th U. S., Lieut. William B. Beek.

FIFTH ARMY Corps, Maj.-Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren.

Escort: Detachment 4th Pa. Cav., Capt. Napoleon J. Horrell.

Provost Guard: E and F, 5th N. Y., Capt. Paul A. Oliver; 104th N. Y., Capt. William W. Graham.

First Division, Brig.-Gen. Charles Griffin (on leave), Brig.-Gen. Joseph J. Bartlett.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain : 185th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Gustavus sniper; 198th Pa., Col. Horatio G. Sickel. Second Brigade, Col. Edgar M. Gregory: 187th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Daniel Myers; 188th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Isaac Doolittle ; 189th N. Y ., Maj. Joseph G. Townsend. Third Brigade, Col. Alfred L. Pearson : 20th Me., Lieut: Col. Charles D. Gilmore ; 32d Mass., Lieut.-Col. James A. Cunningham; 1st Mich., Maj. George Lockley ; 16th Mich. (Brady's and Jardine's co's Sharp-shooters attached), Capt. Charles H. salter; 83d Pa. (6 co's), Lieut.-Col. Chauncey P. Rogers ; 91st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Eli G. Sellers; 118th Pa., Maj. Henry O'Neill ; 155th Pa., Lieut.-Col. John Ewing.

Second DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. Romeyn B. Ayres (on leave), Col. James Gwyn.

First Brigade, Col. Frederick Winthrop : 5th N. Y ., Capt. Charles C. Montgomery; 15th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Lieut.-Col. Michael Wiedrich ; 140th N. Y., Capt, William S. Grantsynn; 146th N. Y., Maj. James Grindlay. Second Brigade, Col. Andrew W . Denison : 1st Md., Col. John W. Wilson ; 4th Md., Col. Richard N. Bowerman ;

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