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Battles & Leaders of the Civil War

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Francis H, Lowry ; 23d Mich., Lieut.-Col. Oliver L. Spaulding, Maj. William W. Wheeler; 45th Ohio (transferred to First Brigade, June 8th, and to Second Brigade, First Division, Fourth Corps, June 22d), Col. Benjamin P. Runkle, Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Butterfield, Capt. John H. Humphrey; 111th Ohio, Col. John R. Bond, Lieut.-Col. Isaac R. Sherwood ; 118th Ohio, Lieut. Col. Thomas L. Young, Capt. Edgar Sowers, Capt. William Kennedy , Capt. Rudolph Reul, Capt. Edgar Sowers. Third Brigade (joined May 28th and designated as Provisional Brigade to June 8th), Col. Silas A. Strickland : 14th Ky. (transferred to First Brigade August 11th), Col. George W. Gallup; 20th Ky., Lieut.-Col. Thomas B. Waller ; 27th Ky., Lieut.-Col. John H. Ward Capt. Andrew J. Bailey; 50th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George R. Elstner, Maj. Hamilton S. Gillespie. Artillery: Capt. Joseph C. Shields : 22d Ind., Capt. B. F. Denning, Lieut. E. W. Nicholson; F, 1st Mich., Capt. Byron D. Paddock, Lieut. Marshall M. Miller ; 19th Ohio, Capt. J. C. Shields.

THIRD DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. ,Jacob D. Cox, Col. James W.

Reilly (temporarily May 26-27), Brig.-Gen. J. D. Cox.

First Brigade, Col. James W. Reilly, Col. James W. Gault, Brig: Gen. James W. Reilly: 112th Ill. (joined May 11th, and transferred to Third Brigade August 11th), Col. Thomas J. Henderson, Lieut.-Col. Emery S. Bond, Maj. T. T. Dow, Col. T. J. Henderson, Maj. T. T. Dow; 16th Ky. (joined May 11th, and transferred to Third Brigade August 11th), Col. James W. Gault, Maj. John S. White, Col. James W. Gault, Maj. J. S. White, Capt. Jacob Miller, Maj. J. S. White; 100th Ohio, Col. Patrick S. Slevin, Capt. Frank Rundell; 104th Ohio, Col. Oscar W. Sterol. Felix A. Reeve, Maj, William J. Jordan Capt. Robert A. Ragan, Capt. James W. Berry. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Mahlon D. Manson, Col. John S. Hurt, Brig.-Gen. Milo S. Hascall, Col. John S. Hurt, Col. John S. Casement, Col. Daniel Cameron, Col. John S. Casement : 65th Ill. (joined from veteran furlough June 4th), Lieut.-Col. William Q. Stewart; 63d Ind. (transferred to Third Brigade August 11th), Col. Israel N. Stiles, Lieut.-Col. Daniel Morris ; 65th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Johnson, Capt. Walter G. Hodge, Capt. William F. Stillwell, Capt. Edward A. Baker ; 24th Ky., Col. John S. Hurt, Lieut.-Col. Lafayette North, Col. John S. Hurt; 103d Ohio, Capt. William W. Hutchinson, Capt. Philip C. Hayes, Lieut.-Col. James T. Sterling, Col. J. S. Casement, Capt. P. C. Hayes; 5th Tenn. (transferred to Third Brigade June 5th), Col. James T. Shelley, Maj. David G. Bowers, Col. James T. Shelley. Third Brigade (organized June 5th), Brig.-Gen. N. C. McLean Col. Robert K. Byrd, Col. Israel N. Stiles : 11th Ky. (transferred to First Brigade August 11th), Col. S. Palace Love, Lieut.-Col. E. L. Mottley, Col. S. P. Love; 12th Ky. (transferred to First Brigade August 11th), Lieut.-Col. Laurence H. Rousseau; 1st Tenn. (relieved for muster-out August 11th), Col. R. K. Byrd, Lieut.-Col. John Ellis. Dismounted Cavalry Brigade (assigned June 21st; transferred to cavalry division August 22d), Col. Eugene W. Crittenden : 16th Ill., Capt. Hiram S. Hanchett ; 12th Ky., Lieut.-Col. James T. Bramlette, Maj. James B. Harrison. Artillery, Maj. Henry W. Wells: 15th Ind., Capt. Alonzo D. Harvey ; D, 1st Ohio, Capt. Giles J. Cockerill.

CAVALRY DIVISION, (1) Maj.-Gen. George Stoneman, Col. Horace Capron.

Escort : D, 7th Ohio, Lieut. Samuel Murphy-, Lieut. W. W. Manning.

First Brigade (joined army in the field July 27th), Col. Israel Garrard : 9th Mich., Col. George S. Acker ; 7th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George C. Miner. Second Brigade (designated as the First Brigade until July 31st), Col. James Biddle, Col. Thomas H. Butler, Col. Jam Ill., Capt. Hiram S. Hanchett ; 5th Ind., Col. Thomas H. Butler, Maj. Moses D. Leeson ; 6th Ind., Lieut.-Col. C. C. Matson, Maj. William W, Carter ; 12th Ky., Col. Eugene W. Crittenden, Maj. James B. Harrison. Third Brigade (joined army in the field June 28th), Col. Horace Capron : 14th Ill., Lieut.-Col. David P. Jenkins; 8th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Elisha Mix, Maj. William L. Buck, Maj. Edward Coates ; McLaughlin's Ohio Squadron, Maj. Richard Rice. Independent Brigade, Col. Alex. W. Holeman, Lieut.-Col. Silas Adams : 1st Ky., Lieut. Col. Silas Adams; 1st Ky., Lieut.-Col. Archibald J. Alexander.


Date Infantry Artillery Cavalry Total
May 1st 88,188 4460 6,149 98,797
June 1st (17th Corps Joined Jne 8th) 94,310 5601 12,908 112,819
July 1st 88,086 5945 12,039 106,070
August 1st 75,659 5499 10,517 91,675
September 1st 67,674 4690 9,394 81,758

Losses : killed, 4423 ; wounded, 22,822 ; captured or missing, 4442=31,687. (Major E. C. Dawes, of Cincinnati, who has made a special study of the subject, estimates the Union loss at about 40,000, and the Confederate loss at about the same. )


ARMY OF TENNESSEE General Joseph E. Johnston, General John B. Hood.

Escort, Capt. Guy Dreux.

HARDEE'S CORPS, Lieut.-Gen. William J. Hardee (2) Maj.-Gen. P. R. Cleburne.

Escort, Capt. W. C. Raum.

CHEATHAM'S DIVISION, Maj.-Gen. B. F. Cheatham, Brig. Gen. George Maney, Brig.-Gen. John C. Carter.

Escort, Capt. T. M. Merritt.

Maney's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George Maney, Col George C. Porter: 1st and 27th Tenn., Col. H. R. Feild , Capt. W. C. Flournoy, Lieut.-Col. John L. House ; 4th Tenn. (Confed.) and 24th Tenn. Batt'n, Lieut.-Col. O. A. Bradshaw; 6th and 9th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. J. W. Buford , Lieut.-Col. John L. Harris ; 19th Tenn., Col. F. M. Walker, Maj. J. G. Deaderick; 50th Tenn., Col. Stephen H. Colms. Wright's Bigarade, Brig.-Gen. John C. Carter: 8th Tenn., Col. J. H. Anderson; isth Tenn., Maj. Benjamin Randals ; 28th Tenn., Col. S. S. Stanton, Lieut.-Col. D. C. Crook Capt. L. L. Dearman, Capt. John B. Holman ; 38th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. A. D. Gwynne, Maj. H. W. Cotter; 51st and 52d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. John G. Hall Lieut.-Col. J. W. Estes, Maj. T. G. Randle. Strahl's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. O. F. Strahl : 4th and 5th Tenn., Col. J. J. Lamb, Maj. H, Hampton; 24th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. S. E. Shannon, Col. J. A. Wilson, Lieut.-Col. S. E. Shannon; 31st Tenn., Maj. Samuel Sharp, Lieut.-Col. F. E. P. Stafford; 33d Tenn., Col. W. P. Jones, Maj. R. N. Payne,

(1)Reorganized August 11th, with Col. Israel Garrard as division commander, and formed into two brigades. The "Mounted Brigade" was commanded by Col. George S. Acker except from August 16th tn 23d, when Col. W. D. Hamilton was in command. It consisted of the 9th Mich., Lieut.-Col. W. B. Way; 7th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. G. C. Miner; detachment 9th Ohio Capt. L. H. Bowlus ; McLaughlin's Ohio Squadron, Maj. Richard Rice ; and the 24th Ind. Battery, Lieut. Hiram Allen. T he ` Dismounted Brigade," commanded by Col. Horace Capron, was composed of the 14th and 16th Ill., 5th and 6th Ind., and 12th Ky. The 16th Ill. was detailed as provost guard Twenty-third Corps from Angust 16th and the 12th Ky. as cattle guard from August 21st. The 6th Ind. under Maj. William H. Carter, was ordered to Nashville for remount August 23d.
(2) In command of his own and Lee's corps August 31st September 2d.

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