Harper's Ferry, Martinsburg, and further west on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and in West Virginia.

His losses in the principal engagements were: Winchester, or thilled, 3983 wounded, 338 captured or missing,- total, 5018 ; Fisher's Hill, 52 killed, 457 wounded, 19 captured or missing; total, 528 ; Cedar Creek, 644 killed, 3430 wounded, 1591 captured or missing,- total, 5665. During the campaign the Union loss aggregated 1938 killed, 11,893 wounded, and 3121 captured or missing =16,952.

THE CONFEDERATE ARMY.- Lieut.-Gen. Jubal A. Early.

RAMSEUR'S DIVISION, Maj.-Gen. S. D. Ramseur (k).

Battle's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. A. Battle, Lieut.-Col. E.

L. Hobson : 3d Ala.__ ; 5th Ala., Lieut.-Col. E. L.

Hobson ; 6th Ala., Capt. J. Green ; 12th Ala., Capt. P. D. Rose; 61st Ala., Maj. W. E. Pinckard. Cook's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Phil. Cook: 4th Ga., Lieut.-Col. W. H. Willis; 12th Ga., Capt. James Everett; 21st Ga., Capt. H. T. Battle; 44th Ga., Lieut.-Col. J. W. Beck Grimes's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Bryan Grimes : 32d and 53d and 2d N. C. Battalion, Col. D. G. Cowand; 43d and 45th N. C., Col. John R. Winston. Cox's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William R. Cox: 1st N. C,., Capt. W H. Thomson; 2d N. C., Capt. T. B. Beall; 3d N. C., Capt. W. H. Thomson; 4th N. C. ; 14th N. C., Capt. Joseph Jones; 30th N. C., Capt. J. C. McMillan.

PEGRAM'S(Early's) DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. John Pegram.

Godwin's Brigade : 6th N. C.__ ; 21st N. C.__ ; 54th N. C.__ ; 57th N. C.__,. Johnston's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Robert D. Johnston : 5th N. C.__ ; 12th N. C.__ ; 20th N. C.__, Col. T. F. Toon ; 23d N. C.__ ; 1st N. C. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. R. E. Wilson.

Pegram's Brigade, Col. John S. Hoffman : 13th Va., Capt. Felix Heiskell ; 31st Va., Lieut.-Col. J. S. K. McCutchen; 49th Va., Capt. John G. Lobban; 52d Va., Capt. J. M. Humphreys; 58th Va., Capt. L. C. James.

GORDON'S DIVISION, Maj.-Gen. John B. Gordon.

Evans's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. A. Evans : 13th Ga.__ ; 26th Ga.__ , 31st Ga. __ ; 38th Ga. ; 60th Ga.__ ; 61st Ga.__ ; 12th Ga. Battalion, .

Hays's Brigade, 5th, 6th, and 7th La.__ ; 8th La.__ ; 9th La.__ . Terry's Brigade (composed of the fragmentary remains of fourteen of the regiments of Edward Johnson's division, most of which was captured by the enemy, May 12th, 1864), Brig.-Gen. William Terry: 2d, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33d Va. [Stonewall Brigade], Col. J. H. S. Funk; 21st, 25th, 42d, 44th, 48th, and 50th Va. [J. M.
Jones's Brigade], Col. R. H. Dungan ; 10th, 23d, and 37th Va. (Steuart's brigade], Lieut.-Col. S. H. Saunders.

Stafford's Briga. ; 10th and 15th La. .

KERSHAW'S DIVISION,, Maj.-Gen. J. B. Kershaw.
Conner's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James Conner, Maj. James M. Goggin : 2d S. C., Maj. B. R. Clyburn ; 3d S. C., Maj. R. T. Todd ; 7th S. C.__ ; 8th S. C. ; 15th S. C.__ ; 20th S. C., Col. S. M. Boykin ; 3d S. C. Battalion,__ . Wolford's Brigade : 16th Ga.__ ; 18th Ga.__ , 24th Ga.__ ; 3d Ga. Battalion,__ ; Cobb's Ga. Legion,__ ; Phillips's Ga. Legion. Humphreys's Brigade, Brig: Gen. Benjamin G. Humphrey s : 13th Miss.__ ; 17th Miss.__ ; 18th Miss.__ ; 21st Miss.__ . Bryan's Brigade, Col. James P. Simms: 10th Ga., Col. W. C. Holt ; 50th Ga., Col. P. McGlashan ; 51st Ga., Col. E. Ball; 53d Ga.__ .

WHARTON'S DIVISION, Brig.-Gen. G. C. Wharton. Wharton's Brigade : 45th Va.__ ; 50th Va. ; 51st V a. ; 30th Va. Battalion Sharp-shooters, .

Echols's Brigade : 22d Va.__ ; 23d Va. Battalion,__ ; 26th Va. Battalion, . Smith's Brigade, Col. Thomas Smith: 36th Va.__ ; 60th Va.__, Capt. A. G. P. George; 45th Va. Battalion, Capt. W. B. Hensly ; Thomas Legion, Lieut.-Col. James R. Lowe.

LOMAX'S DIVISION , Maj.-Gen. Lunsford L. Lomax.

Imboden's Brigade : 18th Va. ; 23d V a. ; 62d Va. . McCausland's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John McCausland : 14th Va.__ ; 16th Va.__ ; 17th Va ;__, 25th Va.__ ; 37th Va. Battalion, . B. T.

Johnson's Brigade: 8th Va.__ ; 21st Va. __; 22d Va.__ ; 34th Va. Battalion, ; 36th Va. Battalion, Jackson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. H. B. Davidson : 1st Md.__ ; 19th Va.__ ; 20th Va. __; 46th Va. Battalion, ; 47th Va. Battalion,__ .

ROSSER'S (Fitz Lee's) DIVISION, Maj. Gen. Thos. L. Rosser.

Wickham,'s Brigade : 1st Va.__ ; 2d Va. __; 3d Va.__ ; 4th Va.__ . Rosser's Brigade : 7th Va. ; 11th Va.__ ; 12th Va.__ ; 35th Va. Battalion,__ . Payne's Brigade : 5th Va.__; 6th Va.__ ; 15th Va .

ARTILLERY, Col. T. H. Carter.

Braxton's Battalion : Va. Battery (Carpenter's) ; Va.

Battery (Hardwicke's) ; Va. Battery (Cooper's). Carter's Battalion : Ala. Battery (Reese's) ; Va. Battery (W. P. Carter's) ; Va. Battery (Pendley (Fry's). Cutshaw's Battalion : Va. Battery (Carrington's) ; Va. Battery (Tanner's) ; Va. Battery (Garber's).

Nelson's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. William Nelson : Ga. Battery (Milledge's) ; Va. Battery (Kirkpatrick's) ; Va.

Battery (Massie's). King's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. J. Floyd King : Va. Battery (Bryan's) ; Va. Battery (Chapman's) ; Va. Battery (Lowry's). Horse Artiltery : Md. Battery (Griffin's) ; Va. Battery (Jackson's) ; Va. Battery (Lowry's) ; Va. Battery (McClanahan's) ; Va. Battery (Johnston's) ; Va. Battery (Shoemaker's) ; Va. Battery (Thomson's).

The maximum effective strength of Early's army in the Valley is estimated at about 20,000 of all arms, about August 15th, 1864; but at the battle of Winchester, September 19th, his force had been reduced by the departure of Kershaw, who on August 31st had been 3822 strong, officers and men. [See foot-note, p. 524.] According to Early's official report the losses in killed and wounded from September 1st to October 1st were 291 killed and 2023 wounded= 2314. The loss (including the missing) of the infantry and artillery at the Opequon is stated at 3611.

At Fisher's Hill the infantry and artillery lost 30 killed, 210 wounded, and 995 missing = 1235. At Cedar Creek 700 or 800 were killed and wounded. In his " Memoir " , p. 112, General Early says that his losses at Cedar Creek were " about 1860 in killed and wounded and something over 1000 prisoners." Colonel B. W. Crowninshield, who was provost-marshal of Sheridan's command, says in his "Cedar Creek," that he "had on his books, record of 7000 unwounded prisoners who w ere soldiers," and Colonel E. B. Parsons, who succeeded Crowninshield as provost marshal, reported about 13,000 Confederate prisoners received by him from August 1st, 1864, to March 1st, 1865.

This statement is denied by General Early, who says (" Memoir," p. 118) : " My- loss in killed, wounded, and prisoners, at Winchester and Fisher's Hill, had been less than 4000, and, at Cedar Creek, about 3000, but the enemy has attempt to a much larger figure, claiming as prisoners several thousand more than my entire loss. How he makes out his estimate is not for me to explain. . . I know that a number of prisoners fell into the enemy's hands who did not belong to my command; such as cavalrymen on details to get fresh horses, soldiers on leave of absence, conscripts on special details, citizens not in the service, men employed in getting supplies for the departments, and stragglers and deserters from other commands."