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Retreat From Gettysburg

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Bragg's Invasion of Kentucky 1
Morgan's Cavalry During Bragg's Invasion 26
The Opposing Forces at Perryville, KY 29
East Tennessee and the Campaign of Perryville East Tennessee and the Campaign of Perryville 31
On the Field of Perryville 52
Notes of a Staff-Officer at Perryville 60
Cumberland Gap 62
The Battle of Fredericksburg 70
The Confederate Left at Fredericksburg 86
Ransom's Division at Fredericksburg 94
A Hot Day in Marye's Heights 97
The Removal of McClellan 102
Sumner's Right Grand Division 105
The Crossing of the Rappahannock by the 19th Massachusetts 121
In Front of the Stonewall at Fredericksburg 122
Why Burnside Did Not Renew the Attack at Fredericksburg 126
Franklin's "Left Grand Division" 128
With Jackson at Hamilton's Crossing 139
In the Ranks at Fredericksburg 142
A Bit of Partisan Service 148
Stoneman's Raid in the Chancellorsville Campaign 152
The Chancellorsville Campaign 154
The Success and Failure of Chancellorsville 172
When Stonewall Jackson Turned Our Right 183
The Charge of the Eight Pennsylvania Cavarly 187
The Eleventh Corps at Chancellorsville 189
Stonewall Jackson's Last Battle 203
Hooker's Comments on Chancellorsville 215
Sedwick at Fredericksburg and Salem Heights 224
Lee's Knowledge of Hooker's Movements 233
The Opposing Forces in the Chancellorsville Campaign 234
Hooker's Appointment and Removal 239
Lee's Invasion of Pennsylvania 244
The Confederate Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign 251
The First Dat at Gettysburg 255
Incidents of the First Day at Gettyburg 284
Hancock and Howard in the First Days Fight 287
Citizens of Gettysburg in the Union Army 289
The Second Day at Gettysburg 290
The Council of War on the Second Day 313
The 20th Maine at Little Round Top 314
The 146th New York at Little Round Top 315
The Breastworks at Culp's Hill 316
The Struggle for Round Top 319
Kershaw's Brigade at Gettysburg 331
Lee's Right Wing at Gettysburg 339
The Charge of Pickett, Pettigrew, and Trimble 354
A Reply to General Longstreet 355
The Great Charge and Artillery Fighting at Gettysburg 357
The Third Day at Gettysburg 369
General Hancock and the Artillery at Gettysburg 385
Repelling Lee's Last Blows at Gettysburg 387
Farnsworth Charge and Death 393
The Cavalry Battle Near Gettysburg 397
Meade at Gettysburg 406
The Confederate Retreat From Gettysburg 420
A Prisoner's March From Gettysburg to Staunton 429
The Opposing Forces at Gettysburg 434
The Conquest of Arkansas 441
The Opposing Forces in Arkansas 459
The Assault on Chickasaw Bluffs 462
Jefferson Davis and the Mississippi Campaign 472
The Defense of Vicksburg 482
The Vicksburg Campaign 493
The Vicksburg Mine 539
The Terms of Surrender 543
The Opposing Forces in the Vicksburg Campaign 546
Naval Operations in the Vickburg Campaign 551
Gulf Operations in 1862 and 1863 571
The Confedereate Gun-Boat "Arkansas" 572
The Confederate Torpedoes in the Yazoo 580
Union Vessels in the Vicksburg Operations 581
Military Operations in Louisiana in 1862 582
The Opposing Forces at Baton Rouge, LA 585
The Capture of Port Hudson 586
The Opposing Forces at Port Hudson 598
Bragg's Advance and Retreat 600
The Opposing Forces at Stones River, TN 610
The Battle of Stone's River 613
The Union Left at Stone's River 632
Morgan's Ohio Raid 634
Manoeuvering Bragg out of Tennessee 635
Chickamauga - The Great Battle of the West 638
The Crisis at Chickamauga 663
Reenforcing Thomas at Chickamauga 665
Notes on the Chickamauga Campaign 668
The Opposing Forces at Chickamauga 672
The Little Steamboat the Opened the "Cracker Line" 676
Chattanooga 679
Sherman's Attack at the Tunnel 712
Comments on General Grant's Chattanooga 714
The Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga 719
Opposing Forces in the Chattanooga Campaign 727
The Defense of Knoxville 731
Longstreet at Knoxville 745
The Opposing Forces at Knoxville 751

"Between the Lines During a Truce" (from title page)

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