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Battles & Leaders of the Civil War

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Previous to our civil war no higher rank was known in the American navy than of captain, although the law accorded the title of flag-officer, with additional pay, to captains in command of recognized naval stations. The engagement at Port Royal, the taking of New Orleans, and other successful operations of our navy doubtless led to the creation of the higher grades of commodore and rear-admiral, July 16th, 1862, on which date Flag-Officer Du Pont became a rear-admiral, ranking second on the list.

Eminently adapted to command, he knew well how to secure the best services of his subordinates. Intelligent, cheerful in manner, of tall and commanding mien, he naturally invited and obtained the confidence of those who were fortunate enough to serve under his orders. During the past half century the navy of the United States has not an officer of more distinguished appearance, or endowed with more manly virtues. Though fitted by nature to be a leader among men, he thoroughly appreciated the necessity for study to make himself equal to ever professional requirement. It is not given to man to be preeminent without an earnest exertion to that end, however much nature may have done in his behalf.

In the erection of a statue at Washington, and in the naming of Dut Pont Circle, in which it stands, the American people, through Congress, have paid a proper tribute to the memory of this worthy representatives of the naval service.

AMMENDALE, MD., September, 1887.


THE UNION FLEET, Flag-Officer S. F. Du Pont, commanding. Captain Charles Henry Davis, Fleet-Captain.

Flag-ship: frigate Wabash ( 2 10-inch, 28 9-inch, 14 8-inch, 2 12-pounders), Commander C. R. P. Rodgers; side-wheel steamer Susquehanna (15 8-inch, 1 24-pounder, 2 12-pounders), Captain J. L. Lardner; sloop Mohican (2 11-inch, 4 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder), Commander S. W. Godon; Seminole (1 11-inch, 4 32-pounders), Commander J. P. Gills; Pocahontas (1 10-inch, 4 32-pounders), Commander Percival Drayton; Pawnee (8 9-inch, 2 12-pounders), Lieutenant R. H. Wyman; gun-boats Unadilla, Lieutenant Napoleon Collins; Seneca, Lieutenant Daniel Ammen; Ottawa, Lieutenant T. H. Stevens; Pembina, Lieutenant J. P. Bankeahd (each of the four latter carried 1 11-inch, 1 20-pounder rifle, and 2 24-pounders); sailing sloop Vandalia (4 8-inch, 12 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder), Commander F. S. Haggerty; steamer Bienville (8 32-pounders, 1 30-pounder rifle), Commander Charles Steedman; Augusta (8 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder), Commander E. G. Parrott; Curlew (6 32-pounders, 1 20-pounder rifle), Lieutenant P. G. Watmough; Pengiun (4 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder), Lieutenant T. A. Budd; R. B. Fobes (2 32-pounders), Lieutenant H. S. Newcomb; Issac Smith (8 8-inch, 1 30-pounder rifle, originally, but the broadside battery was thrown overboard on the way down from Hampton Roads), Lieutenant J. W. A. Nicholson.

The loss in the Union fleet, as officially reported, was 8 killed, and 32 wounded. Total, 31.

UNION LAND FORCES, Brig.-Gen. Thomas W. Sherman.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Egbert L. Viele: 8th Me., Col. Lee Strickland; 3d N. H., Col. Enoch Q. Fellows; 46th N. Y., Col. Rudloph Rosa; 47th N. Y., Col. Henry Moore; 48th N. Y., Col. James H. Perry. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Issac I. Stevens; 8th Mich., Col. William M. Fenton; 79th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William H. Nobles; 50th Pa., Col. Benjamin C. Christ; 100th Pa., Col. Daniel Leasure. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Horatio Gen. Wright; 6th Conn., Col. John L. Chatlfiled; 7th Conn., Col. Alfred H. Terry; 9th Me., Col. Rishworth Rich; 4th N. H., Col. Thomas J. Whipple. Unattached: 3d R. L., Col. Nathaniel W. Brown; 1st N. Y. Engineers, Col. Edward W. Serrell; Battery E, 3d U. S. Arty's, Capt. John Hamilton.

CONFEDERATE LAND FORCES, Brig.-Gen. Thomas F. Drayton: 4th Ga. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. W. H. Stiles; 9th S. C. (3 co's), Col. William C. Heyward; 12th S. C., Col. R. G. M. Dunovant; 15th S. C., Col. W. D. De Sassure; Beaufort (S. C.) Guerrillas, Capt. J. H. Screven; Ga. Battery, Capt. Jacob Read; 1st S. C. Militia Arty's (2 co's), Col. John A. Wagener. Loss: k, 11; w, 48; m, 7=66.

CONFEDERATE NAVAL FORCES, Flag-Officer Josiah Tattnall: Savannah (flag-ship), Lieut. John N. Maffitt; Sampson, Lieut. J. S. Kennard; Resolute, Lieut. J. Pembroke Jones. They were small side-wheel steamers, and each carried 2 32-pounders (smooth-bore). There were no casualties.

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