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US Marines in Vietnam: 1968 The Defining Year

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Page 762(1968: The Defining Year)

Col John R. Love, USMC (Ret)

Col Edward H. P. Lynk, USMC (Ret)

Col Max McQuown, USMC (Ret)

Col Charles L. Meadows, USMC (Ret)

Col Bruce F. Meyers, USMC (Ret)

Col Alexander L. Michaux, USMC (Ret)

Col John F. Mitchell, USMC (Ret)

Col Peter J. Mulroney, USMC (Ret)

Col Donald J. Myers, USMC (Ret)

Col Robert C. Needham, USMC (Ret)

Col Neil A. Nelson, USMC (Ret)

Col Thomas P. O'Callaghan, USMC (Ret)

Col Virgil D. Olson, USMC (Ret)

Col Harry F. Painter, USMC (Ret)

Col Eric B. Parker, USMC (Ret)

Col W. Hays Parks, USMCR

Col Harold L. Parsons, USMC (Ret)

Col Ernest W. Payne, USMC (Ret)

Col Clifford J. Peabody, USMC (Ret)

Col Roger W. Peard, Jr., USMC (Ret)

Col Poul F. Pedersen, USMC (Ret)

Col Rhys J. Phillips, Jr., USMC (Ret)

Col John W. P. Robertson, USMC (Ret)

Col William K. Rockey, USMC (Ret)

Col Maurice Rose, USMC (Ret)

Col Joseph L. Sadowski, USMC (Ret)

Col Edwin S. Schick, Jr., USMC (Ret)

Col Maynard W. Schmidt, USMC (Ret)

Col Walter Sienko, USMC (Ret)

Col Anthony J. Skotnicki, USMC (Ret)

Col Robert D. Slay, USMC (Ret)

Col Richard B. Smith, USMC (Ret)

Col Kent O. W. Steen, USMC (Ret)

Col James W. Sremple, USMC (Ret)

Col Broman C. Stinemetz, USMC (Ret)

Col James R. Stockman, USMC (Ret)

Col Vaughn R. Stuart, USMC (Ret)

Col John C. Studt, USMC (Ret)

Col Robert H. Thompson, USMC (Ret)

Col David S. Twining, USMC (Ret)

Col Earl K. Vickers, Jr., USMC (Ret)

Col Raymond J. Weber, USMC (Ret)

Col Howard A. Westphall, USMC (Ret)

Col Dean Wilker, USMC (Ret)

Col Tullis J. Woodham, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol Themistocles T. Annas, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Louis J. Bacher, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Merrill L. Bartlett, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Donald R. Berg, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Harper L. Bohr, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol Gene W. Bowers, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Byron F. Brady, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Justice M. Chambers, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol William A. Cohn, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Francis X. Colleton, USMC (Ret)

LtCol William R. Corson, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Walter W. Damewood, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol Edwin A. Deptula, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Robert J. Edwards, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Karl J. Fontenot, USMC (Ret)

LtCol James F. Foster, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Vincent J. Gentile, USMC (Ret)

LtCol John J. Hainsworth, USMC (Ret)

LtCol George E. Hayward, USMC (Ret)

LtCol John A. Hennelly, USMC (Ret)

LtCol John F. J. Kelly, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Otto Lehrack, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Frederick J. McEwan, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Curtis D. McRaney, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Justin M. Martin, II USMC (Ret)

LtCol George F. Meyers, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Thomas F. Miller, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Charles E. Mueller, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Kenneth W. Pipes, USMC (Ret)

LtCol John E. Poindexter, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Louis A. Rann, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Donald N. Rexroad, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Robert F. Rick, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Ralph J. Salvati, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Jack E. Schlarp, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Walter H. Shauer, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol Jerry I. Simpson, USMC (Ret)

LtCol William J. Spangler, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Cecil V. Taylor, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Oliver W. van den Berg, Jr., USMC (Ret)

LtCol George F. Warren, USMC (Ret)

LtCol LeRoy E. Watson, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Ronald R. Welpott, USMC (Ret)

LtCol James B. Wilkinson, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Daniel M. Wilson, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Frank B. Wolcott, III, USMC (Ret)

LtCol Roger Zensen, USMC (Ret)

Maj John S. Leffen, USMC (Ret)

Maj Donald E. Milone, USMC (Ret)

Maj Edward Palm, USMC (Ret)

Maj Gary E. Todd, USMC (Ret)

Capt Matthew G. McTiernan, USMC (Ret)

Capt George B. Meegan, USMC (Ret)

Capt Alexander W. Wells, Jr., USMCR

IstLt Tyrus F. Rudd, USMC (Ret)

CWO 4 Henry Wildfang, USMC (Ret)

MGySgt James W. Rogers, USMC (Ret)

Page 762(1968: The Defining Year)
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