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(Apr 15) (article) Frenemies: Iran and America since 1900
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About eHistory

Welcome to eHistory! The Department of History at The Ohio State University is proud to be the home of eHistory. All of the wonderful historical resources of the older eHistory site are on the site for you to use, as well as new content like our MultiMedia Histories, Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, and montly Book Reviews.

We've redesigned the site in an effort to better serve you and to better reflect the academic nature of the university with an emphasis on research, teaching and outreach. The first step was a transition to a new server environment and the removal of the banner ads and store, followed by a redesign of the site itself.

Our next step is a move to a new html5 format that will be tablet and mobile friendly as well as more accessible and easier to navigate. We appreciate your patience as we work towards the full vision that is the new eHistory at The Ohio State.

Be assured that we are committed to keeping the site free and available to the millions of users who have come to eHistory for all things historical.

The Department of History extends its deep appreciation to Scott Laidig and the entire team for entrusting us with the site! In the near future we will post more information on the origins of eHistory and the people who made it possible.

eHistory Apps

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eHistory apps! We are developing mobile apps for phones and tablets, beginning with a reader for Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective. Visit our apps page for more information on our progress or to give us feedback on what you'd like to see.

Subscribe to one of our RSS feeds (or click the RSS symbol on your browser's tool bar); we post our book reviews, articles, and new features to the feeds, including articles and podcasts from our new feature Origins: Current Events in Historical Context. Newer browsers will let you to sign up in one step, although you may want to use a news aggregator or service (like Bloglines or Newsgator).

* What is a podcast? Podcasting is a way to receive audio files over the Internet by using feeds to deliver the audio broadcasts directly to your desktop. You can listen to the files on your computer or load them on your iPod (or any MP3 player) and take them with you.

A History of eHistory?

The history of eHistory tells the story of the site's origins and how it evolved into what it is today, along with more information on the creator of eHistory (and OSU History alum!) Scott Laidig.

Copyright Information

Unless otherwise noted, all images and content are the property of eHistory at The Ohio State University. Some of our text and image content, such as our primary sources, are public domain or used by permission. Government documents, for instance, are public domain; "content", however, refers to the entire page, including design and interface, therefor any reuse of public domain content that includes elements of our design or code is a copyright violation. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding use or ownership of our content.  

Citing eHistory

Please cite eHistory when using our content. Our site may be used for personal and educational use where no profit is involved, unless the content in question is copyrighted by someone other than eHistory.

Students: Secondary and tertiary sources such as encyclopedias and much of the content on eHistory should not be used as a sole source for any information. In addition, there is a possibility for error in our content, as much as we endeavor to ensure its accuracy. Please check your facts against multiple sources.

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Who Is eHistory?

eHistory is managed by the Department of History at The Ohio State University, in collaboration with the Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching and the OSU Web Media Collective.

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