Chronicles of Froissart

The Chronicles of Froissart (Les Chroniques de Froissart), translated by John Bourchier, Lord Berners, edited and reduced into one volume by G. C. Macaulay, London, 1924.

Jean Froissart (c 1333 - c 1410) was one of the leading historians of the late Middle Ages. He traveled widely including England, Scotland, Italy and the Low Countries. He also accompanied Edward the Black Prince during his campaign at Castille. His chronicle covers the history of Western Europe from the early 14th century to 1400 and is considered a key primary source of the era.


Les Chroniques de Froissart


Prologue of sir John Froissart 1
Predecessors of king Edward 111 3
The queen of England in France, 1326 5
Queen Isabel in Hainault 7
Expedition to England 9
Execution of the Spencers 10
Accession of Edward 111 12
War with the Scots, 1327 13
Marriage of Edward III 25
Death of Robert Bruce 26
Philip of Valois crowned, 1328 29
Battle of Cassel 29
Homage of Edward III 31
War with the Scots, 1332 35
Edward's designs on France 39
Jaques d'Arteveld 40
Battle of Cadsand 42
Edward III. Vicar of the Empire 45
War with France 47
Siege of Cambray 48
Edward III. enters France 51
The hosts at Buironfosse 52
The French in Hainault 56
War on the frontiers, 1339-40 58
Battle of Sluys 61
Council of Vilvorde 63
Siege of Tournay 64
Edinburgh castle taken, 1341 65
Events during the siege of Tournay 66
Siege of Tournay raised, 1340 68
War in Brittany, 1341 70
War with the Scots, 1341 72
The king and the countess of Salisbury 73
War in Brittany, 1342 75
The order of the Garter founded 82
The earl of Derby in Gascony, 1345 83
Capture of La Reole 87
Death of Jaques d'Arteveld 88
Siege of Aiguillon, 1346 91
Expedition of Edward III. to France, 1346 93
Edward III. in Normandy 94
Capture of Caen 97
The English near Paris 98
Passage of the Somme 101
Battle of Crecy 102
Siege of Calais 107
Invasion of England by the Scots 109
Battle of Nevill's Cross 110
Betrothal of the earl of Flanders 113
Surrender of Calais, 1347 114