The Notorious Nero

Nearly everyone has heard of Nero "fiddling while Rome burned". The true story of The Great Fire of 64 is debated but many believe Nero had the fire started to build his monumental "Golden House". There were reports that Nero climbed a tower in a stage costume and played the lyre while exulting in "the beauty of the flames". Afterwards, to assuage the throngs of homeless Romans, Nero tried to use the Christian population as scapegoats and blame the fire on them.

The Ottoman Empire

Only 80 years separate the modern Middle East from the forgotten and long-lived Ottoman Empire. Over a time span of six hundred years, from about 1300 to 1923, the Ottoman Empire expanded into the largest political entity in Europe and western Asia and then imploded and disappeared into the back pages of history.

The Sinking of USS Indianapolis

On July 30th, 1945 the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese Submarine. Over three quarters of the 1200 men onboard were lost.

The Story of the Atomic Bomb

When the United States decided to drop two atomic bombs on Japan to hasten the end of World War II, they ushered in a new era warfare. Read about the development and use of the atomic bomb in The Story of the Atomic Bomb.

The Warlord That Helped The Communists

At the beginning of the 20th Century, China was emerging from centuries of rule by the Manchu, the descendants of Mongolian nomads who had conquered the Middle Kingdom in 1644. The new Guomindang (GMD) party was a broad alliance of modernizers.