The Freshman

Simone J. Pace's story about Jack Lucas, tthe only high school freshman to hold the Medal of Honor.

The Ionian Revolt

About 2500 years ago, the Persian Empire was expanding through Asia and into Asia Minor (the area between the Black and Mediterranean Seas) and taking control of the eastern world. It was this action that eventually provoked the Ionian revolt which marked the beginning of the long confrontation between the Greek and Persian empires.

The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson

Elaine Kathryn (Johnson) Ketchum never knew her father. Just recently, she came into possession of her father's letters to her mother from before and during the war. Private Melvin W. Johnson, an infantryman with the 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division, was killed in action, fighting in France on November 18, 1944.

The Medieval Village

For most peasants in the Middle Ages, life centered around the village. The village was usually part of a manor run by a lord or someone of noble birth or a church or an abbey. Most peasants never ventured out of the village during their lifetime.