Jackson vs. Calhoun--Part 2

Jackson vs. Calhoun--Part 2

Nullification and Resignation


The disagreements President Andrew Jackson had with Vice President John C. Calhoun in the beginning of their administration were nothing compared to what would take place over the issue of tariffs.


Jean Froissart - Medieval War Correspondent?

One of the defining events of the Middle Ages was the Hundred Years War that lasted from 1337 to 1453. One of the most famous chroniclers of that period is Jean Froissart. Could he have been a medieval war correspondent gathering information, talking to combatants and talking notes during the fury of battle?

Johnston’s Surrender

In early April 1865, Union General William T. Sherman was relentlessly pursuing Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston through North Carolina. When news of Lee’s surrender to Grant reached Johnston on April 14th, he sent a message to Sherman asking for a meeting to discuss terms of his army’s surrender.


Know Your Enemy: The Viet Cong

A Viet Cong is a man, woman, or child--a tough fighter, with words or weapons, for what he is taught to call the 'liberation' of South Vietnam--the Republic of Vietnam

Lee’s Surrender

With the Battle of Petersburg lost, Confederate General Robert E. Lee abandoned Richmond on April 2nd, 1865, and began a slow retreat westward under continuous pressure from Union General Ulysses S. Grant. The last major engagement between the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac took place at Sayler’s Creek on April 6th. Following this action, Grant sent a letter to Lee seeking to end further bloodshed by requesting the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Mechanized and Armor Combat Operations in Vietnam

This report summarizes the operations and training aspects of the evaluation of U.S. Army Mechanized and Armor Combat Operations in Vietnam (MACOV) conducted during the period 6 January to 28 Larch 1967.