Biography of Ezra J. Whitaker

Ezra J. Whitaker Born in North Adams, Massachusetts. Appointed Third Assistant Engineer, 1861; frigate "Minnesota," N. A. Station 1861. Promoted to Second assistant Engineer, 1862; "Lackawanna", West Gulf Squadron, 1863-64. Steamer "Pontoosa", North Atlantic Squadron, 1864-5. Promoted to First Assistant Engineer, 1864; special duty, Boston, 1866: Steamer "Unadilla", Asiatic Squadron, 1866-67. "Monocacy", Asiatic Station , 1867-70; "Severn", N. A. Squadron, 1871-2; Navy Yard, Boston 1872; "Kearsarge", Asiatic Station, 1873-75.

Brigadier General John Pegram, LEE’S Paradoxical Cavalier

Pegram was a Virginia gentleman from an aristocratic family. He was also a professional soldier who answered his state’s call to rebellion. In battle he was courageous to a fault, and his officers and men generally responded to his leadership by example. But there was something wrong about his generalship.

Combined Arms in Battle Since 1939

Combined Arms in Battle since 1939 is an essay looking at the use of artillery, at the classic French defeat by the Viet Minh at Dien Bien Phu.